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Watch_Dogs Trailer – Rule the City

Time to check in with the game that got this whole next-gen hype train rolling. Watch_Dogs has an exciting new trailer out there showing off more exciting ways to manipulate the futuristic Chicago into a weapon.

Protagonist Aiden Pearce can use his smart phone to hack just about anything in the city. Ubisoft claims there are over 75 different ways to control the city to his benefit. Sure, stealing from ATM machines seems like a great idea, but it’s really child’s play compared to the destruction Pearce is capable of.

Try logging into a building’s mainframe and adjusting the environment to provide more cover for tough fire fights or silent stealth missions. Even more exciting is being able to manipulate the road and barriers to escape hot pursuit from police or other pursuers.

Ubisoft Montreal has also confirmed that while planes do not exist in the world of Watch_Dogs, it is possible to break the city barrier and escape the city of Chicago, possibly to a world of goodies and Easter Eggs. Good luck and good hunting for hidden corners of this intricately connected city.

Watch_Dogs is launching on November 19th for PC, Wii U, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One builds will be right around the corner before the year is out.

Ron Duwell

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