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Volume Announced by the Creator of thomas was alone

by Ron Duwell | August 13, 2013August 13, 2013 11:00 pm PST

Mike Bithell, the creator of indie darling thomas was alone, has announced his new stealth action game titled Volume.

The game stars a mysterious man known only as [REDACTED] who enjoys the thrill of stealth missions, gizmos and a zero body count. That is correct. [REDACTED] does not kill, just commits other harmless crimes like stealing.

Volume revolves around stealth missions and guiding [REDACTED] to his goal avoiding all suspicion. Beyond that, the community also has vast input in the game with user generated content easy enough for anybody to contribute, and the evolution of the game will flow in whatever direction the audience wants.

Volume‘s unique visual style and more gameplay will be revealed in Oct. at GameCity. Bithell has estimated that it will be released in 2014, but no official date has been confirmed.

Ron Duwell

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