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Rayman Legends ‘Gloo Gloo’ Musical Level Rocks

by Ron Duwell | August 13, 2013August 13, 2013 10:00 pm PST

Ubisoft Montpelier has taken Rayman Legends well beyond its 2D platformer roots and has created what is more reminiscent of a rhythm game. A new trailer shows off the Gloo Gloo Musical Level in which Rayman must escape from the clutches of a horrific underwater beast.

Not to just simply swim though, the hero takes his own liberties and style and swims to a catchy beat. The level scrolls automatically, so there is not time to screw around lest you be swallowed whole. The best way to complete the quest is to stay in step, crush through the obstacles as the music dictates, and hopefully come out alive on the other side.

All seems easily said and done and requires nothing more than timing, However, I’ve never been able to control Rayman’s wayward swimming with such precision. This level is going to eat me alive.

Whatever the case, Rayman Legends is still one of our most highly anticipated games coming out in 2013, and this added touch of music only secures that.

Rayman Legends launches on September 3rd for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U and PlayStation Vita.

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