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iPhone 5S Release Date Could Be Oct. 25

by Jacob Kleinman | August 13, 2013August 13, 2013 7:30 am PST

At this point we’re all but certain that Apple will unveil the iPhone 5S on Sept. 10 alongside a number of new Apple devices. What we don’t know, however, is when the new smartphone will actually go on sale. It generally doesn’t take long for Apple to roll out a new product after announcing it onstage, but according to a new report from TechManiacs, the iPhone 5S may not hit stores until October 25—over a month after the rumored press event!

The site’s anonymous tipster claims that Apple will be completely overloaded with new devices, including two new iPhones, two new iPads and possibly a new MacBook as well, causing significant delays. We’re not sure how much we believe that, considering Apple has more than enough experience preparing for product launches and that the new iPads aren’t expected until just before the holidays. TechManiacs also reports that the low-cost iPhone 5C should hit stores on October 25 as well, offering consumers a clear choice between the flagship device and the cheaper plastic smartphone.

We’d love to discount these claims—both because we’ve never heard of this site before and because the news makes us sad—but it turns out TechManiacs has a proven track record when it comes to leaking iPhone release dates in the past. The Greek site accurately predicted that the iPhone 5 would launch on Sept. 21. 2012, publishing its report a full two weeks in advance of the launch. We hate say it, but it looks like Apple fans hoping to upgrade their handsets next month may be in for a longer wait than they expected.


Jacob Kleinman

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