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HTC Allegedly Stepping Away From Windows Phone Platform

by Brandon Russell | August 13, 2013August 13, 2013 3:30 pm PST

HTC 8XT - Home-Screen

HTC saw a resurgence of sorts following the success of its HTC One from earlier this year, and the company seems intent on embracing its new position for as long as possible. With a new HTC One Mini and HTC One Max on deck, the company is slowly aligning itself as a top contender alongside Apple and Samsung, but to keep that momentum, the Taiwanese company might have to make some strategic cuts. According to DigiTimes, that means possibly drifting away from Windows Phone 8.

Industry sources claim HTC’s Windows Phone marketshare has dipped below 5 percent worldwide, giving the company little reason to pursue any future projects—Nokia has over 80 percent of the share, while Samsung is currently holding the number two spot. A few years back, HTC had a pretty healthy relationship with WP, but after affixing its gaze on Android, its share began to plummet; the company’s WP lineup late last year was allegedly a feeble attempt at regaining some of its share, but the deal between Nokia and Microsoft proved too formidable.

With its Windows Phone share dwindling, the company made the decision to focus on Android more intensely, and out popped the HTC One. What a decision, too, because the device is largely regarded as one of the top handsets this year. With a 5 percent share of the WP market, you can see why HTC stepped away from Microsoft’s platform. But will it for good? That remains to be seen.


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