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Exploding iPhone 5 Allegedly Injures Chinese Woman’s Eye

by Jacob Kleinman | August 13, 2013August 13, 2013 6:00 am PST

exploding iphone 5

A Chinese woman may have been seriously injured after her iPhone 5 overheated and – so the story goes – exploded. Da Lian Evening News reported on Friday that the woman was holding a regular voice call for just over half an hour when the phone’s temperature started to rise. She then tried to end the call presumably because it was too hot to carry on with it, but says the touchscreen was not responding. Then the iPhone reportedly exploded in her face.

Li, the woman whose iPhone exploded, describes feeling a piece of debris enter her eye following that explosion. A medical examination appears to have confirmed that the material scratched her eyeball causing some degree of harm, though not blindness. Li said she had cracked the screen of her iPhone in the top right corner where a small section of the display remained unresponsive. It’s unclear if that caused the phone to overheat the way it did, though we assume the drop had something to do with it.

An Apple representative told Da Lian Evening News the company will investigate the case, adding that a cracked display is generally covered under the iPhone’s warranty policy (though a replacement isn’t always free, which may have been why Li was using a cracked iPhone in the first place). Apple hasn’t been making great headlines in China recently. Earlier this summer a Chinese woman was allegedly killed when she received a electric shock after answering her charging iPhone, though that proved to be the fault of a third-party charger.

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