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Apple Blocked from Taking Aerial Photos in Norway

by Todd Haselton | August 13, 2013August 13, 2013 9:30 am PST


Apple Maps has a relatively cool feature that lets you see 3D imagery of the mapped locations. It flies airplanes over the world, specifically in points of interest, in order to create these masterpieces. Unfortunately, however, it’s not going to be able to collect the data required to create 3D visuals over Oslo, Norway any longer. The country’s National Security Authority has officially blocked the flights, according to a report published by BBC.

The measures were taken amid security concerns, especially after a bomb was detonated is Oslo. Highly detailed maps could be used for planning these sorts of attacks, and it’s clear the Norwegian government wants to limit the tools available to would-be attackers as much as possible. Surely other services, such as Google Street View, could be used for similar attacks, but tighter controls should help in some form.

“The government is unable to do anything about satellite images but you still need permission to fly and you get higher definition pictures from a plane,” Aftenposten reported Carr Ekroll told BBC. That explains why Street View could still be used, and why Google Maps and Apple Maps can still provide detailed imagery from a birds-eye perspective. Other high-profile government buildings around the world are also missing from Apple Maps, including the Pentagon and the CIA’s home base in Virginia, BBC said.


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