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T-Mobile Catching up to Verizon in Latest “Buzz” Survey

by Jacob Kleinman | August 12, 2013August 12, 2013 1:30 pm PST

T-Mobile may still be lagging behind the bigger carriers when it comes to the size of its high-speed network, but the “UnCarrier” is quickly catching up when it comes to public perception. According to the latest Buzz scores from BrandIndex, T-Mobile is a clear second behind Verizon, and even briefly outperformed the competing carrier on two separate occasions this year.

Buzz scores are based on thousands of interviews, with hundreds of people surveyed daily regarding satisfaction with their current provider and the likelihood they might switch carriers in the future. All participants owned a smartphone at the time of the interview and planned to switch contracts in the next six months or sooner.

One graph in the gallery above simply show’s each carrier’s buzz, with T-Mobile getting a huge boost in April when it introduced its Simple Choice Plan, 4G LTE service and started selling the iPhone 5. The second time T-Mobile outperformed Verizon was in early July as it announced the new JUMP! program around the same time that Verizon’s public perception was crashing in the light of its direct cooperation with the NSA. Verizon has since rebounded with its own early trade-in program.

A second graph shows how likely consumers are to switch to a new carrier in the next six months. The results reveal that while most networks have seen a significant decline in interest over the past year, T-Mobile’s popularity has only grown thanks to several big announcements from the company. We’re impressed by T-Mobile’s efforts, but can it sustain its popularity? Time will tell.


Jacob Kleinman

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