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Google Play Revenue Catching Up to iOS According to New Study

Apple may still rake in far more money through its App Store than Google Play brings in, but a recent study from analytics firm Distimo reveals that the Android marketplace’s revenue is growing drastically faster than its iOS counterpart. Google Play revenue grew by 65 percent in the last six months, compared to just 15 percent growth for the App Store.

Despite Google’s rapid growth, the Play Store is still far behind the App Store in both market size and profits, and Apple more than doubles the revenue seen on Android. Still, the study helps illustrate how quickly Google’s platform has continued to grow as it solidifies its title as the world’s most-used mobile OS.

Distimo also breaks down App Store and Google Play revenue by country, revealing how much of a stronghold South Korea has become for Android, where its revenue dwarfs iOS profits. Japan appears to be almost evenly split between the two platforms where profit is concerned, while in the U.S. Apple still dominates despite owning a smaller marketshare than Google. Meanwhile, charts breaking down the top five revenue generating apps for each platform reveal that the real king the mobile market is Candy Crush Saga.


Jacob Kleinman

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