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Buffalo Gear: Cocoon Slim Backpack

by Brandon Russell | August 11, 2013August 11, 2013 5:00 pm PST

Chances are, over the past several months, you’ve accumulated one too many electronic devices—phones, tablets, laptops—and accessories. I don’t carry very much myself to and from work, but during an event, or when traveling, it’s important to have all the necessary tools—portable battery, external HD, cables, etc., etc. Actually keeping those in order and in good shape, though, can be challenging in of itself, especially in traditional school backpacks. That’s why I’m so very interested in Cocoon’s SLIM back, which takes advantage of the company’s excellent GRID-IT! system inside of an already small surface area.

Instead of keeping all your stuff in separate pockets, or letting everything accumulate at the bottom of your backpack, the SLIM backpack has space for (almost) everything you carry on a daily basis. All said, the pack itself is less than 4-inches deep, but it has enough pockets and space for stuff like laptops, tablets and smartphones—and it’s strong, too. Equipped with water-resistant ballistic nylon and waterproof zippers, SLIM not only holds your gadgets, but keeps them safe—good for piece of mind when you’re constantly taking your backpack on and off.

The GRID-IT! organization pocket is easily SLIM’s most familiar aspect. Instead of having a standalone GRID-IT! for your stuff, SLIM has a dedicated pocket where you can hold all your cords, chargers, etc. with its elastic bands. The organizational system allows you to fit more in tighter spaces without making your backpack bulge like a camel’s hump. Not only does it hold your stuff in place, but it allows you to keep everything organized and neat—good for those clean freaks out there (me).

At $80, the SLIM backpack isn’t the cheapest around, nor is it the most attractive. But it comes with enough bells and whistles to appease tech fans with overflowing arsenals of gear. Yes, I do believe I’ve found what I’ll be taking to CES early next year.

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Brandon Russell

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