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Computer Program Picks San Francisco 49ers to Win the Super Bowl

by Maximum PC | August 10, 2013August 10, 2013 6:00 am PST


Can 50,000 simulations be wrong?

There’s a ton of cash to be made if you can correctly predict which NFL team will win the Super Bowl, unfortunately Marty McFly burned Grays Sports Almanac in Back to the Future II, though it only listed statistics up to the year 2000 anyway. The next best thing is to look at the numbers and run a bunch of a simulations, which is exactly what a computer program called The Predictalator did.

Created by Prediction Machine, the sportscentric application simulated the NFL season 50,000 times and came up with the San Francisco 49ers as being most likely to win the Super Bowl, CBS Philly reports.

“Just as the Predictalator plays each individual NFL game 50,000 times before it’s actually played, it can also play the entire NFL season 50,000 times before it’s actually played. The actual 2013 regular season and playoff schedules have been played 50,000 times, allowing us to compute average records and likelihoods of each team making the playoffs, winning its division and bringing home the Super Bowl trophy,” Prediction Machine reports.


So there you have it, scorned 49er fans, your team will atone for last year’s loss and win the Super Bowl. Well, unless Madden 25 says otherwise. Last year’s Madden 13 game correctly predicted the Ravens would defeat the 49ers in the Super Bowl in a thrilling 27-24 contest (final score was actually 34-31). Interestingly, Madden’s simulation has only been wrong twice in the past ten seasons when it comes to predicting the Super Bowl winner.

Oh, and go Patriots!

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Covering everything from hi-end gaming PCs to tablets, peripherals and home theater rigs, Maximum PC's print and Web editions stay one step ahead of...