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Inventory Screenshot Reveals Asus Making Next Nexus 10

by Brandon Russell | August 10, 2013August 10, 2013 1:00 pm PST


Well how about this? After learning Samsung might be making the upcoming Nexus 10 successor, it looks like Asus, a manufacturer responsible for Google’s Nexus 7, has actually been tapped to make the search giant’s next big tab. Asus has consistently proved it’s one of the best hardware manufacturers around, so we have no doubt the next Nexus 10 will be a winner; the original one was already solid enough.

Following a report from this week, the same website has acquired an inventory picture allegedly proving the next Nexus 10 will in fact be made by Asus. It’s there for all to see: Brand clearly says Asus, while the model is Nexus 10 16GB. Other information, like release, price and specs aren’t revealed, and much of the information seems to be placeholder for the moment. With that said, it’s difficult to determine how authentic this information is.

When the device does become available, it’ll apparently be offered through Google Play (duh) and Best Buy stores. If Google’s excellent new Nexus 7 isn’t quite your thing, you may want to hold out to see what’s cooking with its larger brother.


Brandon Russell

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