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Concept Makes OS X Mavericks Look Like Apple’s iOS 7

by Brandon Russell | August 9, 2013August 9, 2013 11:00 am PST

Apple’s upcoming OS X Mavericks promises to introduce a lot of refinements to the company’s desktop OS, mostly under the hood stuff. But it largely looks the same despite Apple’s earlier insistence on slowly consolidating its desktop and mobile environments. So while iOS 7 is getting a complete overhaul, Mavericks is basically Mountain Lion/Lion/etc. with some extra apps and fresh paint.

In the Internet world, however, it looks completely different. Applying the same aesthetic designs of iOS 7 to OS X, Stu Crew has reimagined the overall look and feel of Mavericks, and it looks pretty wonderful—though we can see this getting old fast in a desktop environment.

A lot of the same buttons, layers and simplistic mosaic flair are employed in familiar places throughout the OS, including Finder, Calculator, and more. It meshes perfectly with the impending design changes in iOS 7, and makes the two more unified as far as looks.

When Mavericks hits this fall, it’ll lack Apple’s familiar skeuomorphic tendencies, but it’ll largely look and act how we know it now. Maybe, though, with the help of concepts like Stu Crew’s, Apple will change up the look of OS X even further in the future. It’s definitely more vibrant, that’s for sure.

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