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New Nexus 7 Owners Report GPS Issues

by Jacob Kleinman | August 9, 2013August 9, 2013 6:00 pm PST

If you’re thinking about buying the new Nexus 7 you might want to think again. Disappointed owners of Google’s latest tablet are reporting issues with the device’s GPS system, with complaints popping up on forums across the web, including on Android Central and XDA Developers.

The specifics of the problem vary, but the gist of it is always the same. The Nexus 7’s GPS will start working but after a short period of time—anywhere from two to 30 minutes—it will go offline, leaving the user stranded. The device then stays in search mode while the GPS icon blinks endlessly. Apparently, rebooting the tablet sometimes helps, but often doesn’t solve the problem. One Nexus 7 owner reportedly exchanged the malfunctioning device for a new one only to encounter the same issue, though they note that Google is aware of the problem and working on a patch.

In our full review of the Nexus 7 we noted that the tablet often had trouble connecting to a Wi-Fi signal, sometimes performing at half the speed of an iPad Mini. The news that the GPS may have issues as well suggests there may be an issue with the tablet’s antenna, though hopefully a simple software update will be enough to solve both problems.

Jacob Kleinman

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