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Nokia Lumias Get Call and SMS Filters in New Update

by Jacob Kleinman | August 8, 2013August 8, 2013 6:00 pm PST

wp8 call-sms-block

As Microsoft’s GDR2 upgrade continues to roll out the Windows Phone 8 devices, Nokia has pushed out an update of its own for the Extras + Info app. The improved service gives Lumia users who have already downloaded GDR2 the ability to block unwanted numbers from calling or sending text messages.

The long-awaited update to the Lumia experience isn’t mentioned anywhere in the official Windows Phone app store, but WPCentral was able to break the news after a tip from one Windows Phone user named Tung Ha. It’s unclear if the new feature is available on all carrier networks, but WPCentral claims it should work for any Lumia 1020 or 925 device that’s been fully updated.

First, you’ll want to head to the Windows Phone Store via the source link below and update Extras + Info. From there it gets a bit complicated. Open the newly updated app and then restart the device and head to the main setting list. You should see a new option titled “Call+SMS filter.” From there you should be able to manage your blocked numbers and contacts easily.

Jacob Kleinman

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