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Motorola Tipped to Release Next Nexus Later This Year

by Brandon Russell | August 8, 2013August 8, 2013 5:00 pm PST

Moto X - Backs - Nexus 4

We’ve seen plenty of wonderful Android devices this year—most recently the Moto X—but one thing we haven’t seen is a new Nexus handset. You can argue that, ok, maybe the Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play editions are placeholders for this year, supplementary distractions while Google still offers the Nexus 4. But what about a Nexus 5? Which company will make that?

According to Taylor Wimberly, who accurately foretold the Moto X before it was available, none other than Motorola will be tipped to make Google’s next Nexus device. And, a bit surprising, it’ll be available before the end of this year—no, it won’t be related to the Moto X in anyway, either.

Google has made it clear that Motorola is receiving no preferential treatment now that it’s been imbibed into the search giant’s veins. But it appears Moto is in fact getting the opportunity to take a crack at Google’s famous Nexus line. No other details were provided by Wimberly, so it’s hard to say how accurate his sources are.

Motorola has already proven it can make some great hardware; a Motorola-made Nexus 5 would be a great way to introduce the next version of Android, Key Lime Pie, wouldn’t it? We’ll find out in the coming months.

Brandon Russell

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