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Chromecast Orders From Amazon Delayed Until October or November

by Todd Haselton | August 8, 2013August 8, 2013 9:00 pm PST

Google-Chromecast With USB

If you purchased a Chromecast right after Google’s announcement, chances are you already have it. However, some people who ordered later in the day from Amazon may have a long wait ahead until the device arrives. A report from The Wall Street Journal suggested that some orders won’t ship until the end of October.

TechnoBuffalo reached out to a few friends who had ordered the device a few days after it was announced to verify the report. Turns out this is indeed the case. “Estimated arrival date: October 18, 2013 – November 06, 2013,” one email from a friend of the site said. The order was originally placed days after Google announced the product and had listed a few weeks before delivery – not three-to-four months.

Orders from Google appear to be shipping faster – in about two or three weeks right now – but Amazon is having issues getting them out quicker. It’s unclear what the reason is, and a Google spokesperson said that the company is trying to get them out as quickly as it can make them. Clearly demand came in more aggressive than expected.

Todd Haselton

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