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Three More BlackBerry Execs Abandon Ship

by Jacob Kleinman | August 7, 2013August 7, 2013 6:30 pm PST


BlackBerry’s downward spiral appears to continue even as the company claims it’s entering the “second phase” of its BlackBerry 10 comeback. Today, CBC News confirmed that three more executives have left the company, although the Canadian smartphone-maker claims it was part of a necessary reorganization, telling the media company it needs to “have the right people in the right roles.”

The news follows mass layoffs at the Canadian company’s Waterloo headquarters. The most recent employees to leave BlackBerry are Doug Kozak, vice-president of corporate information technology operations; Carmine Arabia, senior vice-president of global manufacturing and supply chains; and Graeme Whittington, vice-president of service operations.

BlackBerry has certainly had a rough few months. Despite managing to build some excitement over its new smartphones, the company posted record losses earlier this summer and continues to bleed employees. Some reports suggest that CEO Thorsten Heins is trimming the fat, but it seems more likely that BlackBerry is simply becoming more dysfunctional as it circles the drain.

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Jacob Kleinman

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