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Nokia Lumia Phablet with 1080p Display Rumored for Later this Year

by Jacob Kleinman | August 7, 2013August 7, 2013 1:00 pm PST


We’re itching to see Nokia unleash its unique style and powerful cameras on a massive Lumia phablet. Right now, the company is restricted by Windows Phone 8, which launched over a year ago and still can’t handle 1080p resolutions or quad-core processors. That will all change when Microsoft finally releases the long-rumored GDR3 update, and according to a new report from My Nokia Blog, we may finally see the first Nokia Lumia phablet later this year.

The Nokia-obsessed blog recently spoke with a former Nokia employee who says the Finnish phone-maker plans to release the first Windows Phone phablet later this year—possibly as soon as September—suggesting that the GDR3 update may be just around the corner. The anonymous tipster also notes that the upcoming device will come equipped with a quad-core processor and 1080p display.

At this point we’re pretty sure Nokia is working on a phablet-sized Lumia handset. The real question is when Microsoft will finally release GDR3. Last month, Chinese ICTech published a picture of a massive smartphone display with Nokia’s logo printed at the top. The site claimed that the device features a 6-inch display, though there’s no way to confirm this rumor. Right now we’re going to have to sit tight until we hear more out of Espoo.

Jacob Kleinman

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