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Instagram 4.1 Update Lets You Import Video, Straighten Photos

Instagram’s month-old video feature is getting a much-need addition on Wednesday: the ability to upload previously recorded clips. In a post on the company’s blog, Instagram detailed the handful of freshly baked features—video importing being one of them—along with automatic straightening for iOS and video support for Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Video importing will work as you’d expect; any clips currently in your media library can be used to upload to Instagram. Once you select the clip you want to use, Instagram’s tools will allow you to trim it down to the part you want to share—at the moment, it doesn’t appear you can use multiple parts of a single clip. Additionally, the new update gives you the option to choose how the video is square-cropped so the relevant action is in the frame.

Another added feature is the ability to straighten a photo on iOS (no word on Android availability). The company says its new algorithms will banish crooked photos once and for all with the press of a button. If you don’t want Instagram to do the straightening automatically, the app now includes a little slider so you can adjust any photo to your liking—even ones from your media library.

Instagram says the 4.1 update is rolling out now to iOS and Android devices, so check each respective store to see if it’s available for you.