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Twitter Adds Login Verification to iOS and Android Apps

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Twitter on Tuesday added additional security to its two-step verification system, and the solution might be better than Google’s implementation. The improvements apply to Twitter’s Android and iOS apps, and includes an in-app authentication method that’s conveniently built right in.

Basically, the new feature lets you enroll in login verification and approve those requests right from your mobile app. If you don’t have a phone number, no problem; same goes for one phone number for multiple accounts. All of the login requests are tracked in a handy control panel, so you can easily spot a phisher—it tells you were that login request was made—and not fall victim to a hijacked account.

Twitter’s two-step verification system is relatively young, but it’s growing at a rapid rate. The update is already rolling out now, so you can enroll in login verification now. In addition, Twitter also introduced small new features that makes Twitter better, such as the ability to view anyone’s photos in a gallery, and improved lists.