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Spotify Adds New Browse Feature, Makes It Easier to Sift Through Playlists

by Brandon Russell | August 5, 2013August 5, 2013 7:00 pm PST

Spotify on Monday added a new Browse feature that allows users to check out the more than one billion playlists currently crowding the platform. Of course, it’s not humanly possible to wade through so many lists, so Spotify has chosen 20,000 playlists as part of its favorites; the browse feature slots in beside the platform’s Discover and Radio options, which further helps users dig through Spotify’s enormous library of music.

Along with user-created lists, Spotify is curating music, too, introducing top lists, new releases and genre pages so it’s even easier to find what you’re looking for—or find something you wouldn’t have otherwise heard.

“With over one billion playlists, chances are somebody has already made a playlist to suit your mood,” said Vice President of Product at Spotify, Charlie Hellman.

According to TheVerge, the new Browse feature might also pave the way for a new Messages project, which would replace Spotify’s current Inbox system. The revamp would create a better way to view all the music you’ve shared with other, allowing you to get a better idea of your conversation over the weeks and months; the alleged interface will resemble Facebook’s Web-based messaging platform, TheVerge said, just with Spotify music built right in.

You can start perusing the Browse feature on both iOS and Android now, though Messages will apparently be confined to the Web once it first launches.


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