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Survey Reveals iPhone Owners are Flirty, BlackBerry Users are Loud and Android Lovers are Creative

TalkTalk Mobile OS Survey

Ever wondered what your choice in mobile phone operating systems says about you as a person? According to a new survey, it says quite a lot!

A study commission by TalkTalk Mobile surveyed 2,000 owners of the three major mobile operating systems – Android, BlackBerry and iOS – to see if their choices in phones said anything about them. The study took into account factors such as personality traits, which industries people worked in and their daily habits to form a picture of who each user was. The results may surprise you.

Android Users

  • Most creative.
  • Best cooks.
  • Most polite.
  • Industries: Culture and sport
  • Put in the longest hours at work
  • Watch the most TV
  • Drink the most
  • Characteristics: Shy, quiet, relaxed, introvert, calm

BlackBerry Users

  • Earn the most – £27, 406.69 (approx. $41,858.24 USD) average wage
  • Industries: Finance, property and health
  • Put in the least hours at work
  • Make the most calls and send the most texts
  • Have the most long term relationships
  • Drink the most tea and coffee
  • Are the most social
  • Are the least punctual
  • Eat out the most
  • Have the most friends
  • Characteristics: Loud, bubbly

iPhone Users

  • Rate themselves most attractive.
  • Most ambitious.
  • Most successful.
  • Hardest worker.
  • Thinks their boss rates them highly.
  • Industry: Media darlings.
  • Work late the most- five times a month.
  • Most active on social media.
  • Most well-travelled.
  • Spend the most on clothes and grooming each year.
  • Characteristics: Confident, ambitious, daring, bright, flirty

Mind you, the majority of these results are how the users view themselves, and not necessarily how those around them view them. As someone who carries both an iPhone and a Galaxy Mega 6.3, I can tell you… yeah, this is pretty off. I’m a horrible cook and I drink coffee by the bucket, so apparently I match up more with BlackBerry users. I don’t plan on switching phones, however, just to match my personality.

The Daily Mail

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