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Android 4.3 Rolling Out for Galaxy S4 and HTC One Play Editions

by Brandon Russell | August 3, 2013August 3, 2013 11:00 am PST

HTC One Google Play Edition-Lock Screen

It was made clear from the start Google Play edition phones wouldn’t receive updates quite as fast as, say, a Nexus handset, but the wait has essentially been negligible. A little over a week after Android 4.3 began rolling out for older generation Nexus handsets, updates have begun going out for those with the Play edition Galaxy S4 and HTC One devices.

Many people were a little miffed when it was revealed Play editions would be treated differently than a Nexus handset. But I think we can all agree this kind of quick turnaround is really no big deal. It’s not the instant gratification some people were hoping, but it certainly beats the wait other One and S4 owners have to endure through the different carriers.

Android 4.3 wasn’t the flagship update many were hoping, but it does introduce some solid additions, such as restricted user profiles and Bluetooth Low Energy support. It’s unlikely any significant number of techies opted for the Play editions in the first place, but for those who did, your recompense is going out over-the-air now.


Brandon Russell

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