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The Evil Within Gets 6 Gruesome Screenshots

The more I see of Shinji Mikami’s next horror game, The Evil Within, the more convinced I am that I’ll never have a chance to play it. I get terrified way too easily when it comes to games. Mikami, the creator of both Resident Evil and Dino Crisis, is practically a master when it comes to interactive horror.

A new set of screenshots for The Evil Within helps prove that point.

We’ve purposely lead with the only non-gruesome screenshot in the batch. If you’re at work or around folks who don’t necessarily like graphic scenes or stills of blood explosions, maybe you shouldn’t flip through the gallery above. Hey, just a warning, I’m not your real dad.

While I’m a self-proclaimed whimp when it comes to horrific games like this one, there is one thing that The Evil Within is doing that I really appreciate. Notice all of the grain that covers these screenshots? That makes this experience feel more like a classic horror flick than an upcoming horror game. Classic horror films I love, and anything that recreates that aesthetic has an instance plus in my mind.

When Shinji Mikami, Tango Gameworks and Bethesda decide to release The Evil Within unto the world, we’ll all be terrified. I’m sure of it.

The game is set to drop in 2014 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We’ll have more on The Evil Within as it comes.

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