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The Last of Us DLC to be Unveiled Later This Month

by Ron Duwell | August 1, 2013August 1, 2013 4:30 pm EST

The Last of Us Bill

Naughty Dog has confirmed that its universally praised hit, The Last of Us, will be getting a single player DLC package starring key players in the game’s narrative.

Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley both confirmed in a Reddit AMA that single player DLC is in the works, and they have plans to unveil it later this month. “There’s stuff in the pipe… to be talked about soon-ish,” as they put it. “News is on the way about the first DLC drop. Should hear about it this month.”

Characters from the main story will be making an appearance, although it is not yet known it Joel will be the playable character. Naughty Dog is also bringing to DLC packages to the mix as well.

The duo also mentioned internal conflicts at Naughty Dog over the game’s controversial ending, saying that the one chosen didn’t sit well with some members of the team.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of The Last of Us single player DLC, especially if it alters the picture perfect narrative. The game is the complete package, delivering a tight story that can only really be derailed with any additional information.

The best I can ask for is that Joel and Ellie be left alone. If Naughty Dog wants to bring back a major player from the game, the best potential lies in the paranoid Bill. Seeing how the character maintains his traps and acts as a way point for smugglers is the only part of The Last of Us‘ universe I feel could be expanded on without damaging the canon.

Where do you feel The Last of Us needs to tell more story? Do you even think it does? Let us know below.

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