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deep down Brings a Dose of Horror to the Fantasy Genre

by Ron Duwell | August 1, 2013August 1, 2013 10:30 pm PST

We had assumed that Capcom’s upcoming PlayStation 4 RPG, deep down, was in fact Dragon’s Dogma 2 under a pseudonym, but Capcom shot down that speculation by confirming it wasn’t. Those still skeptical can watch the latest teaser trailer and see that the games are not so similarly styled.

deep down, under Capcom’s freshly branded Capcom Online Games logo, does not have a custom avatar running across open fields and duking it own with huge monsters. The protagonists in this game prefer diving down into claustrophobic dungeons, as the title implies, filled with beasts of the worst possible description.

Creepy dialogue of human’s spouting out random nonsense overlap a dark cloudy introduction, almost as if they are talking to themselves and losing their sanity to the darkness.

The game will feature online multiplayer in some fashion, another feature not present in Dragon’s Dogma. However, in what capacity multiplayer will play in this game is not yet known. Capcom has been making a killing through Monster Hunter, so it most likely does not need to support another co-op RPG. My guess is that they are gunning for FromSoftware’s Souls series.

deep down now has my attention as a possible swing game on the next console generation seeing as it is exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Capcom is not only developing an original IP, but they are also doing it internally, perhaps showing a desire to return to game development rather than just publishing.

The company has a history of strong horror games, and Dragon’s Dogma proved that they have a decent beginners knowledge on RPGs too. I’m hoping they can polish it further.

Just please capitalize the title. It looks silly in our headlines if you don’t.

The game runs off of Capcom’s new Panta Rhei engine and looks impressive so far. Capcom no doubt has other intentions for the engine should deep down prove to be a success. The game is confirmed to make an appearance at TGS, so expect more on it then.

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