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BlackBerry 10.1 Update Flaw Deletes Text Messages for some Users

by Jacob Kleinman | July 31, 2013July 31, 2013 11:30 am PST


More bad news for BlackBerry. The company pushed out a minor maintenance update to its BB 10.1 OS earlier this week, but if you haven’t gotten around to updating your handset yet we suggest you hold off. Users are reporting that the update is deleting all their text messages or blocking SMS threads from view.

BlackBerry-focused blog N4BB first reported the update flaw, and reached out to the company for a statement but have yet to hear back. Meanwhile, users continue to report issues with the SMS software online, though the severity appears to differ from one phone to the next. Unfortunately for those who have already downloaded the update, restoring the old software will not bring back your text messages.

In a blog post announcing the update on Monday, BlackBerry listed a number of improvements it would bring, including an enhanced BlackBerry Hub, tweaks to the BlackBerry World app store, and updates for BlackBerry Balance, which splits the phone into two separate accounts for work and personal life. The announcement makes no mention of an update to BlackBerry 10’s SMS service. However, improvements to the notification center include better access to messages, which may be the root of the issue.

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