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Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter Relaunches With David Hayter

Metal Gear Solid voice actor David Hayter has jumped aboard with Precursor Games as it takes a second stab at Kickstarter with its game Shadow of the Eternals.

The company canceled the game’s campaign back in June after it became obvious it would not reach the requested $1.5M. Gamers rejected the inclusion of creative director Denis Dyack, and he even took to YouTube to address the controversies surrounding him and his older company Silicon Knights.

The biggest reason for the cancellation, however, was Precursor supposedly being set to “reveal exciting new developments.” One such development is the inclusion of David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake, to play the game’s protagonist Detective Paul Becker.

Also, an additional funding source has halved the requested down to $750,000.

Despite the changes in its approach, Dyack still remains defiant on the relationship between Silicon Knights and Precursor games. In an interview with Polygon, Dyack stated that the two were in no way related.

“No, they’re not related in any way, and that’s not the basis or the reason corporations are formed. Paul [Caporicci] formed Precursor Games. It’s a completely separate company. It’s got nothing to do with Silicon Knights.”

Silicon Knights closed its doors because of legal and financial problems. Precursor Games hired the same staff and purchased all of its equipment and assets, making it seem like the same company despite technically being separate.

It makes little sense to me. Incorporation papers definitely make a legal difference, but not in the mind of general public perception. If I get a DUI and legally change my name, car insurance companies are still going to react with suspicion. Why does this company get to create a new identity for itself?

It seems like gamers are looking beyond Precursor’s embattled history thanks to the inclusion of Hayter and a cheaper goal. Two days after the start of the campaign, Precursor has already raise $122,442 towards its goal, a much faster pace than the first time.

Shadow of the Eternals is a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, Silicon Knights’ GameCube cult classic. It will be released episodically for the Wii U and PC if successfully funded.

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