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Moto X Said to Be Available August 1

by Brandon Russell | July 29, 2013July 29, 2013 3:00 pm PST

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The mobile industry consistently perpetuates a terribly widespread practice that’s phenomenally infuriating—and it needs to stop. When companies announce new flagship devices, a vague time and price is typically given. “Coming soon,” or “Will hit in [insert timeframe months from now].” We’re built up only to be broken down with horribly indefinite information. Fortunately, the upcoming Moto X might not fall victim to this terrible convention.

According to sources close to Motorola’s plans, the Moto X will be made available the very same day it’s announced, Aug. 1; carriers will even start receiving units today in order to prepare for the device’s imminent release. Not surprising, too, especially since the device has been hyped beyond the stratosphere. It’s been candidly wielded by high ranking executives, and has been leaked too many times to keep count.

If carriers do receive units today, it’s likely they’ll receive black and white variations, while the more customizable handsets will be available online. Aside from typical Apple speculation, the Moto X has been one of the longest-running names dropped in the mobile rumor mill. We’ve come this far—let’s just hope Motorola has its act together and will actually make the device available soon after Moto X’s announcement, and not merely say it’s “coming soon.”


Brandon Russell

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