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Liege Closes Out Kickstarter With All Stretch Goals Acquired

by Ron Duwell | July 29, 2013July 29, 2013 9:30 pm PST

Liege Lionel

First there was Soul Saga, and now Liege will be joining alongside it. The two are prime examples of games being developed by programmers inspired by the classic days of JRPGs and are hopefully just the first in a long line of successes.

Liege tells a much darker tale, burdened by the weight of war and how it affects relationships of those caught up in it. It’s a vast difference from the bright and cheerful approach of Soul Saga, and it rings more closely to Konami’s war-torn Suikoden series or Final Fantasy Tactics.

The Kickstarter campaign closed out with $81,458 raised, 543 percentĀ of the original $15,000 requested. With the money, developer John Rhee will be able to create a huge action set piece during the game’s climax as well as revamp the environment and character animation.

What sets Liege and Soul Saga apart from most of the classically inspired JRPGs on Kickstarter though is their appearance on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Wii U. Nintendo and Sony both reached out to the makers and have agreed to let the indie hits highlight their consoles. Microsoft could be following suit with its announcement of allowing indie developers to self publish.

Like Soul Saga, I will be enjoying Liege on my Wii U once it is finally released. Hopefully the big console developers will be watching Kickstarter like a hawk and more promising games make their way to a vast audience, especially JRPGs.

Congratulations to John Rhee and Coda Games.


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