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iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanning Detailed in iOS 7 Beta 4

by Jacob Kleinman | July 29, 2013July 29, 2013 12:45 pm PST


A hidden folder within the newly-released iOS 7 Beta 4 appears to confirm rumors that the upcoming flagship iPhone, likely called the iPhone 5S, will feature a fingerprint sensor. iOS developer Hamza Sood quickly unearthed a folder titled “BiometricKitUI” in the new OS that describes how the process would work.

Here’s the code from iOS 7 Beta 4 that appears to confirm the iPhone 5S will come equipped with a fingerprint scanner for added security:


That code suggests that a camera will possibly identify if someone is holding the home button and, if so, will present a logo on the screen that shows a fingerprint changing color. This could be used as an example of how to get started with the fingerprint scanner during some sort of setup process when activating the iPhone 5S.

Last month we reported on a patent awarded to Apple that detailed how fingerprint recognition technology could be implemented in a future iPhone. The technology detailed works by pushing a small electrical current through the device’s bezel which would activate the sensor. At the time we assumed Apple wouldn’t feature the design in the immediate future, but it now appears that the company is ready usher in the new technology with the iPhone 5S.

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