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FEZ II Has Been Cancelled, Developer “Getting Out of Games”

by Joey Davidson | July 29, 2013July 29, 2013 11:50 am PST

The follow-up to FEZ, a charming game about exploration, discovery and perspective, is no longer in development.

This news actually went down over the weekend, so there’s a chance you’ve caught it elsewhere by now. For all those who managed to miss it whilst camping, diving into a swimming pool or whittling a tiny doll house love seat on your front porch (you know, summer things), here’s the tweet in question from Polytron:

FEZ II is, with that, no more.

It’s a bummer that another potentially great game has to bite the dust, but at least we didn’t see anything of the project so far. It’d be even worse to have an idea exactly how good FEZ II was going to be before hearing news of its cancellation.

The worst bit in all of this? Phil Fish, the developer behind FEZ, announced the cancellation of the sequel amidst a bit of a plight on Twitter. Following the decision to drop FEZ II, Fish sent out the following tweets, as screencapped by Destructoid. (Please note the tweets below contain harsh language not suitable for all.)

Fish Tweets

Phil Fish, it appears, is done with games development. Regardless of whether or not you enjoyed his online persona, FEZ was a rather beautiful project that deserves a space in the medium’s annals.

Twitter Destructoid

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