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640,000 Students Set to Get Free iPads from L.A. School District

by Todd Haselton | July 28, 2013July 28, 2013 6:00 am PST


We already know that the Los Angeles Unified School District is set to provide 35,000 iPads to students in its school system., but that figure is about to increase significantly. In fact, according to CITEworld, the district is planning to equip 640,000 students with “free” iPads (obviously that is paid for one way or another, our guess is through local taxes). The plan is to issue the tablets by the end of 2014, the district said.

Students in elementary school, middle school and high school are receiving the devices in the first test period, the school district’s chief facilities officer Mark Hovatter explained, noting that it’s starting with kids who don’t otherwise own a computer. “The most important thing is to try to prepare the kids for the technology they are going to face when they are going to graduate,” he said. 

Teachers will use the iPads to make sure that everyone is on the same schedule and have the same access to materials used in class, including lesson plans, books and interactive media such as videos.

The plan was first hatched after the school voted on the iPad, though Microsoft tried to convince the district to consider other tablets – likely Windows 8 powered machines such as the Surface Pro – as an alternative.


Todd Haselton

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