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Next Nexus 7 Could be Made by LG, Not Asus

by Brandon Russell | July 27, 2013July 27, 2013 11:00 am PST

Nexus 7 2013 - VS-Front-Camera

The partnership between Google and Asus has blossomed two very excellent tablets, one of which just came out. But we could be seeing the last of Asus’s influence on Google’s Nexus lineup, with the search giant allegedly eyeing a deeper partnership with LG going forward. Next year’s Nexus 7 may very well look completely different.

According to a report from analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, Google will reportedly cut ties with Asus in favor of LG due to strategic reasons. Kuo claims Google wants to take advantage of LG’s display design, among other things, and more closely tie together its Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 devices. LG has proved it knows hardware with the Nexus 4—including its own devices—meaning the transition to a bigger device could be no problem.

By forging a deeper partnership with LG, Google would have access to LG Display, giving the search giant “a strategic advantage in the display department,” as 9to5Google puts it. Kuo claims that greater access to LG tech and its design expertise would “narrow” the gap between Google and Apple’s devices. Apple, incidentally, relies on LG for some of its displays for iOS devices.

It’s unclear what Kuo is basing his information on, and why Google would step suddenly away from Asus when the manufacturer is responsible for creating two of the search giant’s best tablets. But the analyst has been accurate with his reports before—his information about Google’s latest Nexus 7 was mostly accurate—so I suppose we’ll find out next year. Asus might feel hard done by, but it sounds like Google has its reasons.

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