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Only 27% of Ouya Console Owners Have Purchased a Game

by Joey Davidson | July 26, 2013July 26, 2013 8:30 pm PST

Ever since its launch, the company behind Ouya has been fairly tight-lipped about the sales of the small Android based system. Recently, they dropped a stat that gives a little insight into what’s called “attachment rate,” or, how many games players are buying with their consoles.

In a discussion with The Verge, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman revealed that 73 percent of all Ouya console owners haven’t purchased a single piece of software. To put that in the most practical terms possible, out of every 100 Ouya owners, only 27 people have paid for games.

The nature of the Ouya’s marketplace is that every single game is free-to-play. It’s up to developers where the cutoff point for that deal is, though. You can offer 10 minutes of content, you can offer 10 levels or you can offer a single demo play. The one rule is that instant access must be free.

The downside? Players can try your game and move on without giving you any scratch. It’s a great system for consumers, seeing that everything on the console has, at least in some form or another, demo access. That means blind buys are off the menu, and developers need to sell their games at first blush.

On any other console, the idea that only 27 percent of consumers are actually buying games would be staggering. For the Ouya, the statistic kind of makes sense. Whether or not that makes it an unappealing marketplace for small developers remains to be seen.

It’s still early for the small indie console, so we’ll wait it out.

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