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4 New Dead Rising 3 Screenshots Show Off the Silliness We Remember

by Joey Davidson | July 26, 2013July 26, 2013 4:30 pm PST

Back at E3, classic Dead Rising fans had something major to be upset about during the Xbox One’s press conference. The Dead Rising 3 that Capcom had created seemingly wasn’t for fans of the old; instead, the developers said it was made more gritty and real to appeal to the Call of Duty demographic.

More recently, the Dead Rising 3 team showed a little bit of that classic spirit by diving into silly weaponry combinations. This got our own Ron Duwell much more optimistic about the fate of the title.

For my money, though, it’s all about the silly things you can wear and do in Dead Rising that matters. According to the four fresh screenshots sitting in the gallery at the head of this post silliness is still very much on the menu.

A knight wielding a lightsaber? Sure. Wearing a luchador costume and wrestling zombies? Absolutely. Running through a horde of undead in a dress with a teddy bear in hand while donning a servbot mask? Now we’re talking.

This is the Dead Rising I want to play. You can keep your gritty realism, Capcom. I want to slay zombies with an electric guitar and a Mega Buster.

Dead Rising 3 is a launch title for the Xbox One.

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