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Nokia Releases YouTube Upload App for Lumia WP8 Devices

nokia youtube upload

Nokia’s Lumia 1020 boasts the best smartphone camera around, and now you can send the videos you shoot straight to YouTube for the whole world to see. Today, the Finnish company rolled out a new app called YouTube Upload that does pretty much exactly what its name implies. The free service should be available for download on all Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices, though for now it appears to only work on the 1020.

The new app provides users with two different ways to upload their videos over either Wi-Fi or carrier service. You can either pick out a pre-shot video from the photo gallery or share it directly through the Nokia Video Trimmer editing app. Android and iOS have offered similar capabilities for a while now, but Microsoft’s longstanding feud with Google has apparently kept Windows Phone 8 in the dark, until now.

Before today, Windows Phone users had to rely on Microsoft’s Windows Phone YouTube app, which mostly just directs you to the YouTube mobile site, or slap down a few bucks for a third-party option. At least users can upload videos now, but hopefully a more robust app is on the way soon.

Jacob Kleinman

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