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New Nexus 10 Coming in “Near Future” from Samsung


Google announced its new Nexus 7 yesterday, a device with a higher-resolution display, a thinner form factor and more powerful internals than the original. Now, Amir Efrati from The Wall Street Journal says that a new Nexus 10 is on the way too.

Efrati said he spoke with Google’s head of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, who told him that Samsung will again build the new Nexus 10 and will release it in the “near future.” We’re not sure why it wasn’t included during the announcement yesterday, if it is indeed coming so soon, considering that Google highlighted Android 4.3 and some new changes to the Google Play app store for tablets. Perhaps it’s not ready yet, or perhaps Google is trying to space its announcements out across the year to keep consumer interest high. After all, it announced its Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 and some Google Maps changes during I/O, but then held a separate Android 4.3 event yesterday.

We imagine the new Nexus 10 will launch with a new processor, though its display doesn’t really need an upgrade considering its super high resolution. Maybe it, too, will be thinner than the original. The latest rumors suggest that Google will actually launch a “Nexus 11,” though that does’t really line up with Efrati’s claim.

Amir Efrati

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