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Donal Gibson, Brother of Mel, Steps Up for Mad Max Game Role

It looks like the Mad Max character has a chance to stay inside the Gibson family. Donal Gibson, Mel Gibson’s younger brother, has offered up his services to voice Mad Max in the upcoming game from Avalanche.

We’ve seen the game in motion, which you can catch at the head of this post, and we know that it already carries that classic Mad Max tone. The voice, though, has to be specifically Australian.

Avalanche has confirmed that its seeking Australian voice acting talent for the game. Of course, Mel Gibson is likely both uninterested in the project and carries a fee far too large to do it. However, Mel Gibson’s younger brother Donal has stepped up and offered his talent for the role.

Donal Gibson reached out to AusGamers with a demo reel in order to get his sample up and in front of Avalanche Studios. Head to their site in order to hear his work…it’s absolutely pitch perfect for the Mad Max I remember.

Gutteral, gritty, angry and frustrated, this is how Mad Max should sound. Even if Avalanche doesn’t go with Donal Gibson, good on him for producing this demo and showing that he’s capable.

We’ll have more on Mad Max as it comes. The game is currently slated for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms in 2014.

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