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Google Axes Netflix Promotion Following Overwhelming Chromecast Demand

by Brandon Russell | July 25, 2013July 25, 2013 3:00 pm PST

Google Nexus 7 - 2013 - Chrome - Chromecast - Promo - 035

So that terrific Netflix promotion—three free months!—included with Google’s new Chromecast is no more. According to a report by the LA Times, Google released a statement saying the offer is no longer part of the package, citing overwhelming demand for Chromecast devices. The search giant said the promotion was available in limited quantities to begin with.

As soon as Chromecast went on sale, the little streaming dongle immediately sold out on the Google Play store; other retailers, such as Amazon and Best Buy, sold out as well. The device, which is able to beam content from your smartphone, tablet or computer to your HDTV, costs only $35, and that Netflix promotion made the offer even more enticing, especially since it applied to new and existing customers alike. But you’ll have to stomach the full amount with no added benefit.

If you managed to purchase a Chromecast already, the promotion should still apply. But if you haven’t, well, you missed your chance to get 90 days of Netflix for free. Sad violin.

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