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Android 4.3 Introduces Huge Photo Sphere Improvements

by Brandon Russell | July 25, 2013July 25, 2013 10:30 pm PST


With the introduction of Android 4.3, Google has updated its neat Photo Sphere feature with a number of internal improvements. Explained by Google’s Evan Rapoport, the company spent resources ensuring the app aligns and stitches photos together much better, giving users a more level horizon and fewer errors overall.

The search giant says some scenes are still challenging, especially with moving objects. But landscapes with long flat horizons are now much better, Rapoport said. In addition, the company said exposure compensation for each frame has improved to create a more even Photo Sphere, so images don’t appear as though they were stitched together.

The improvements should produce more consistent results; Rapoport shared an image taken at a beautiful beach and the Street View-like sphere is quite nice. We haven’t received the update on any of our Nexus devices just yet, but we’ll definitely give the Photo Sphere improvement a spin once we do.

Brandon Russell

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