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Low-Cost iPhone Compared to iPhone 5 in Video

If you still had any doubts that Apple was developing a low-cost iPhone this should put them to rest once and for all. Popular tech YouTube host DetroitBORG (AKA Michael Kukielka) has released a new video comparing a leaked copy of the rumored budget iPhone‘s back casing to the iPhone 5, 4S, 3GS, and the latest iPod Touch to give us a sense of what Apple’s new budget-friendly handset will look like.

Through these comparisons we see that the tentatively-named iPhone Lite looks a lot like the fifth-generation iPod Touch when it comes to design. We also see that the low cost iPhone is just barely thicker than the iPhone 5. Based on his time spent with the back casing, Kukielka speculates that the fully-assembled unit will come equipped with a Retina Display and a 5-megapixel rear camera.

The low-cost iPhone is expected to occupy the third and lowest tier of available iPhones, allowing Apple to discontinue both the 4 and 4S and offer a full lineup of 4-inch devices. The new smartphone will likely launch this September alongside the iPhone 5S. Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer recently hinted that the company is preparing to release a number of new devices, revealing that the company is “on track for a busy fall.”


Jacob Kleinman

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