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Apple May Drop iPhone 5 in Favor of iPhone 5S and Budget iPhone

by Brandon Russell | July 24, 2013July 24, 2013 4:00 pm PST


When Apple introduces new iPhones, the company typically offers last year’s model at a lower rate. This year, however, may be different. According to a report from ETNews, when Apple launches the iPhone 5S, the company will completely discontinue the current iPhone 5 despite the device being its most popular handset to date. Sources claim the move is in an effort to focus on production on the 5S, which is lining up to hit late Sept.

In previous years, Apple kept the last two generation of iPhone devices around to attract a wider spectrum of buyers. When the iPhone 5 was introduced, the company’s iPhone 4S was suddenly a mid-tier handset, while the iPhone 4 was often offered for free on two-year contract. But that business model will supposedly change with the introduction of the iPhone Lite, according to sources. It sounds crazy, but might make business sense for Apple.

Rather than putting resources into manufacturing a device with similar components, Apple will put everything behind the iPhone 5S. ETNews claims the in-cell technology used inside the iPhone 5’s touchscreen is not conducive to low-volume production, leaving Apple no choice but to abandon production—it wouldn’t want a ton of iPhone 5s sitting on store shelves. We’ve heard reports the iPhone 5S could be hard to find as it is come this fall, so Apple will need to refocus its production line, especially if a cheaper iPhone is incoming as well.

Production is allegedly ramping up ahead of a Sept. launch, so we’ll find out in a few months if this rumor is true. Will the iPhone 5 be dropped like a sack of potatoes? It certainly sounds like it.


Brandon Russell

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