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Mercenary Kings Now Available on Steam Early Access

Mercenary King has taken to Steam Early Access to help flesh out the full game when it launches later this year for PCs and the PlayStation 4. So why should you buy early?

A $5 discount, a chance to play 60 of the game’s levels early, and the opportunity to put feedback into the title, says Tribute Games.

“It currently has 60 missions whereas the completed version of the game will have over 100. This version of the game still needs your feedback to get it in the best possible shape and it’s why we are releasing it now!”

The game can best be described as Metal Slug meets Borderlands. For those not in the know, Metal Slug is an old 2D run ‘n gun series from SNK with excellent character animation and a brilliantly dark sense of humor. Tribute Games wants to recreate that with an enormous arsenal of weapons like what is found in Borderlands.

Maybe not coincidentally, but today is also the day Metal Slug XX became free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Check that out too if you need more convicing.

Mercenary Kings was an early Kickstarter success story, pulling in $116,064 back in 2012. It missed its initial May 2013 launch window, but Sony picked up the game as well to highlight its indie gaming cred at E3 this year.

If you aren’t hurting too much from the Steam Summer Sale, give it a shot and let us know what you think about it below.


Ron Duwell

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