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iPhone 5 Only Makes up Half of Apple Smartphone Sales

by Jacob Kleinman | July 23, 2013July 23, 2013 11:00 pm PST

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The iPhone 5 may be Apple’s biggest and best phone yet, but the 4-inch handset only makes up about half of the company’s total iPhone sales. According to a new study released by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, just 52 percent of all Apple smartphones sold in June 2013 were the iPhone 5. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S made up 30 percent of all sales, while the 4 ate up the remaining 18 percent.

“iPhone 5 appears to have settled in at about half of all iPhone sales, nine months after its initial launch,” CIRP told AppleInsider, adding that the handset falls short when compared to the 4S. While the iPhone 5 peaked at 70 percent, the 4S hit 90 percent in the period immediately following its launch. Almost a year later, the 4S still took up about 75 percent of iPhone sales, while the 5 has already dipped down to 52 percent just nine months after its release.

CIRP’s latest report appears to confirm gloomy forecasts coming from industry analysts who claim the high-end smartphone boom is tapering off while emerging markets are eating up mid-to-low-range devices faster than ever. Apple appears poised to capitalize on these market shifts with the rumored low-cost iPhone, which we expect to launch later this fall around the same time the company announces the high-end iPhone 5S.

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