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Dead Rising 3 Still has it Where it Counts

by Ron Duwell | July 23, 2013July 23, 2013 10:30 pm PST

Dead Rising 3 did not show off well at E3 this year with Capcom Vancouver playing up the new gritty tone. Appealing to the Call of Duty crowd, as they put it, has not gone over well with fans of the series, so the team has put together a development video to show off how it holds up the shtick of the originals.

No, the game does not take place in a colorful mall, and no the weapons aren’t as wacky as before. However, it still has the level of improvisation with deadly tools available to make killer tools of destruction. Flaming swords, machine gun teddy bears, explosive baseballs.

I believe them. It still has the unique Dead Rising formula which sets it apart from the other generic zombie games. It’s just wrapped up in a pandering art style to attract a new crowd. Granted, you can’t wear a banana hammock or a luchador costume in Call of Duty.

Most importantly, the world is seamless. I don’t really care if the size is bigger than the other games since I prefer a confined experience these days. Loading times are what killed Dead Rising 2 for me, so this new world and the power of the Xbox One might fix that, at least.

Dead Rising 3 will be a launch title for the Xbox One this November.

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