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Yahoo Exec Mickie Rosen Leaves, More Departures Expected

by Todd Haselton | July 22, 2013July 22, 2013 3:30 pm PST


Yahoo’s senior vice president of global media and commerce Mickie Rosen has reportedly left the firm, according to sources speaking to AllThingsD. Yahoo reported solid earnings on July 17 when it beat Wall Street estimates and, as a result of the bump in stock price, several other executives are expected to cash out and leave the firm.

AllThingsD didn’t name the other executives that are planning to leave Yahoo, but said that the select few are “not part of CEO Marissa Mayer’s tightly-knit circle of execs.” Rosen does not have any public plans for a new job. She was in charge of creating and executing new media and video plans for Yahoo, though the company has put a renewed focus on mobile instead of its core assets in an effort to boost quarterly profits. It’s unclear who might replace Rosen at this time, though Yahoo has tried to hire Ned Brody who is a former AOL executive, though he can’t join the firm because of a non-compete agreement in his contract, AllThingsD explained.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Rosen joined Yahoo in January of 2011.

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