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Google to Buy 6.3 Percent Stake in Google Glass Display Maker Himax

by Todd Haselton | July 22, 2013July 22, 2013 2:00 pm PST


Google will acquire a 6.3 percent stake in Himax Display, the company that provides the displays for Google Glass. Himax also develops and sells optics technologies, CMOS image sensors, capacitive touch panel controllers and display drivers. Its technology is used in everything from TVs to notebooks and monitors.

“The purpose of the investment is to fund production upgrades, expand capacity and further enhance production capabilities at HDI’s facilities that produce liquid crystal on silicon (“LCOS”) chips and modules used in applications including head‐mounted display (HMD) such as Google Glass, head‐up display (HUD) and pico‐projector products,” Himax said.

Google Glass is still in its infancy, though the product provides a heads-up-display with relevant information based on a user’s location or voice-spoken query. It’s currently available to developers and the company is largely expected to launch the product to the mass market sometime in the next year. By owning a percentage of HDI, Google may help guarantee inventory and keep its own costs down. Intel and several other firms are also investors in Himax, Reuters said.

Himax is allowing Google to increase its investment, should there be an interest, to a 14.8 percent ownership. Himax Display Inc. (HDI) is a subsidiary of Himax Technologies, which owns 81.5 percent of the company. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed, though shares of Himax Technologies were trading up 31.72 percent on the news. The deal is expected to close during the third quarter of this year.

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