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Moto X Battery Might Not Be 1500mAh After All

by Brandon Russell | July 20, 2013July 20, 2013 11:00 am PST

Moto X Passive Listening

There’s already some controversy surrounding the Moto X device, and it hasn’t even been officially unveiled. Following another spec leak from The Verge on Friday, many were dismayed to discover that the device could potentially sport a 1500mAh battery—a device such as the Razr HD, in comparison, sports a 2530mAh battery. That’s a huge difference, and seeing as the Moto X relies on an always listening feature, it doesn’t give us confidence the device will last through the day.

But wait. The reported 1500mAh battery is allegedly still allegedly unconfirmed, according to Phandroid, so there’s still hope. No sources were cited by Phandroid, though the site says what was reported by The Verge has yet to be verified. It’s difficult to tell which report is correct, so we’re staying neutral. Motorola has built a solid reputation on a foundation of great battery life, so it’d be odd the company would introduce a flagship with one so wimpy.

In any case, the device isn’t that big of a secret—we’ll find out everything we need to know on Aug. 1, when Motorola plans on officially revealing the Moto X once and for all.


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